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7 Confinement Food for Promoting Milk Supply

Extensive research has proved that babies who are exclusively fed on breast milk for the first 4 to 6 months of life have better immunity and more intelligence than their peers. Breast milk is the heavenly nectar for your little one and new mothers often exchange advices and tips on what works to increase milk production. A well-balance diet with a variety of healthy food during the confinement period will help to increase milk supply and speed up your post-natal recovery.

Galactogogues are foods known for boosting breast milk supply. Here’s a list of herbs which are popular galactogogues, used since ancient times in confinement recipes.

7 superfood to be included in your confinement menu to boost breast milk supply.

1. Oats

Oats are frequently recommended as a good substance for increasing milk supply. Although there is no scientific proof that oats are able to increase milk production, many link it to the high source of iron. Enjoy your oatmeal with milk, add a tablespoon of ground flax seeds and berries, making it a confinement breakfast rich in Calcium, Iron and antioxidants.

2. Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are known to promote fast post-partum health but it is often difficult to find the various herbs individually. The essential herbs such as Cordyceps, Dang gui and red dates taken appropriately and correctly will ensure post-partum recovery and increase milk flow.

3. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a popular herb to boost milk supply among Indian moms for many years. Fenugreek has properties similar to Oestrogen, which is a hormone responsible for milk production and has shown to promote breast milk production within one to three days of consumption. However, use with caution if you are prone to asthmas or any allergies.

4. Fennel Seed

After regular consumption of fennel seeds, mothers have reported 100% boost in milk production. Fennel seeds could be used in various ways to accommodate in the confinement menu. Add them to your tea or sautéed noodle with vegetable for a quick confinement meal. Consume fennel decoction preferably in the morning to avoid few extra trips to bathroom at night.

5. Blessed thistle

Blessed thistle as a galactogogue plays wonders when used in combination with fenugreek. This valuable herb is helpful in treating gas and indigestion and believe to work better in the first few weeks of confinement. It also acts as a mood elevator in mothers during confinement.

6. Malunggay

Malunggay is thought to be a galactogogues food and is particularly popular in Philippines. Malunggay is believed to contain seven times more vitamins C than oranges and four time more vitamin A than carrots. This may explain why this beneficial herb aids in boosting the immune system of new moms and increase in breast milk production. Malunggay is usually taken in the form of supplements in pregnancy and continued after childbirth.

7. Fish and green papaya

Fish and green papaya soup is often prepared during confinement to promote milk production in Chinese families. Fish is a good source of protein and papaya is rich in vitamins, this makes a nourishing meal for new mummies and families.


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