Determining the Root Cause of Your Backache

Do you have chronic backaches? Is your back pain affecting your day to day life? Back pains should usually subside with rest, however, at times, you may find yourself with severe or long-standing pain, and this is the time to arrange a doctor’s appointment to determine the root cause of the problem. Let’s have a […]

Backache Relief with 5 Simple Exercises

Do you suffer from aches and pains in your back? All of us experience backaches at one time or another and having such back aches can cause discomfort as we go about our daily duties. If you have come to realise that your backache has been persistent for an extended period, pay notice to it […]

Relieve Your Backache Through Eating

We eat for nutrition, energy, growth and survival… can we eat to relieve or back aches and pains? Yes, you can! There are some herbs which are known to ease backaches and these “painkiller” foods work similarly to analgesics (or painkiller medicines). Here are 5 Chinese herbs that help chase away those backaches. All of […]