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Free Shipping To Singapore & West Malaysia For Orders Above RM200!

Wholesome Gift Set


Specially curated bundle packed with an abundance of health benefits for strength, immunity and nourishment. Give the Gift of Health to your family and loved ones, or even as a gift to your clients.

2 x Waist Tonic

2 x Mulvita Brown Rice with Spirulina

1 x Ginseng Tea

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Huiji Waist Tonic is one of our award-winning products that has benefitted many generations since 1988. It is halal certified and made with 100% natural premium herbs. Taste is pleasant and mild in nature, and fragrant in scent.  It does not contain alcohol and no added sugar, suitable for vegetarians, breast-feeding mums, children aged 7 and above, working adults and elderly.


  • Alleviate aches in the waist and knees
  • Nourish vital energy for confinement mothers
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relieve cold hands and feet
  • Strengthen your body and waist
  • Nourish “Yin” and blood
  • Strengthen the tendons and bones
  • Invigorate the spleen and stomach
  • Darken the hair
  • Enhance the taste of confinement dishes

Huiji Waist Tonic: Duzhong, Cordyceps, Ginseng, Dangui, Shouwu, Dazao

Canadian Ginseng Tea: 100% Pure Canadian Ginseng Tea

Mulvita Brown Rice Cereal With Spirulina: Brown Rice, Milk Powder, Wholesome Grains, Spirulina

Waist Tonic:

Consume 10ml orally, twice a day. The recommended dosage for breastfeeding mummies is 30ml and 10ml for children, twice a day. Best consumed once in the morning and once before bedtime, but can be altered to suit your preferences. Water is not required when you consume Huiji Waist Tonic. Shake well before drinking.

NOT suitable for pregnant women and babies.

Huiji Canadian Ginseng Tea: Mix a sachet with 200ml of hot water (80°C). Stir well and enjoy!

Mulvita Brown Rice with Spirulina: Mix with a sachet of Mulvita with 200ml of hot water (80°C). Stir well and enjoy.

Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 55 × 31 × 30 cm

10 sachets/box, 2.5g/sachet

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