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Free Shipping To Singapore & West Malaysia For Orders Above RM200!

Free Shipping To Singapore & West Malaysia For Orders Above RM200!

7 Confinement Food for Promoting Milk Supply

Extensive research has proved that babies who are exclusively fed on breast milk for the first 4 to 6 months of life have better immunity and more intelligence than their peers. Breast milk is the heavenly nectar for your little one and new mothers often exchange advices and tips on what works to increase milk […]

Ten Confinement Facts and Myths

Post delivery confinement is deep rooted in our cultures. The logic behind is both mother and baby need to rest. The little one needs to be protected from infections whereas the mother who has been through the exhaustion of childbirth needs to rejuvenate. Here are 10 Confinement facts and myths: Myth: No head baths during […]

7 Super Tips for Getting Back in Shape After Childbirth

Post confinement, you must be gearing back to get into your beautiful looks. Let’s first check if it’s the right time. You might have strengthened yourself with confinement recipes. It’s advisable that a breastfeeding mother waits at least till her baby is two months old, before heading to weight loss. Spread your weight loss regimen […]

Foods That Increase Fertility

Age and genetics affect your fertility, and while these are not within your control, there are ways you can alter your diet to boost your fertility. Here are some tips on how.  Ensure you have a healthy body mass index (BMI) of 18.5 to 24, as being underweight or overweight may affect your fertility. Do […]

Nourishing Food for Confinement

Confinement is the period of 28 to 40 days where women, after delivering their babies, will need to replenish their health and strengthen their constitution by consuming nourishing foods and taking proper care of themselves. It is believed that the child delivery process drains the women’s “qi” and the excessive blood loss weakens their body, […]

How To Prevent and Lighten Stretch Marks

Rapid weight changes within a short time frame, such as putting on 10kg to 15kg during pregnancy may tear the elastic supportive tissue beneath the skin and result in what we refer to as “stretch marks”. They appear as small streaks in pink, red purple or brown which may fade 6 to 12 months after […]

Nutritious Food for Your Baby

In the first year of your baby’s diet, breast milk or baby formula will be the staple. All your baby’s nutritional needs, the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients for your baby’s complete growth and development, are contained in breast milk or baby formula. Breast milk is free and can help you shed the weight gain […]

What to Eat and What to Avoid During Pregnancy

Congratulations! You’re entering a new phase in your life – be it your first or even third time. Eating healthy during your pregnancy is important for you and your baby, and while variety is the spice of life, some foods should be avoided to prevent complications and others should be increased! Fruits and Vegetables Choose […]