Free Shipping To Singapore & West Malaysia For Orders Above RM200!

Free Shipping To Singapore & West Malaysia For Orders Above RM200!

Free Shipping To Singapore & West Malaysia For Orders Above RM200!

Huiji Herbal Sea Bass

Ingredients: 1 sea bass (small) 6 red dates 5g dang gui 5g chuan xiong 5g wolfberries 10g ginger slices 1 cup water ½ cup rice wine 20ml Huiji waist tonic 2 tbsp light soy sauce (adjust to preference)   Steps: Add 10g ginger slices to cavity of sea bass To a sauce pot add 1 cup […]

Herbal Duck Noodle

Ingredients: 2 duck thighs (approx. 600g) – washed and pat dry (you could use half of a duck too) 1 packet chicken herbal soup mix – (mine consists of Huai Shan, Wolfberries, Yu Zhu, Dang Gui). 1 tbsp minced ginger 1 tbsp salt 2 tsp chicken powder 1500 ml water Huiji Waist Tonic Flour Vermicelli […]

Braised Abalone with Mushrooms, Pork Belly and Broccoli

Ingredient Dried Chinese mushrooms: 10 pcs Pork belly: 1 small slab Abalone: 1 can Broccoli florets Garlic: 3 pcs Huiji Waist Tonic: 20ml Shao Xing wine: 1 tbsp Cornstarch: 1 tsp Light soya sauce: 3 tsp Dark soya sauce: 1 tsp Oyster sauce: 3 tsp Sesame oil: 1 tsp Rock sugar: 1 pcs Water from […]

Nourish & Beauty Mushroom, White Fungus & Chicken Soup with Huiji Waist Tonic

Ingredients Chicken: 1 whole (1kg) Dried shiitake mushrooms: 12 pcs White fungus: 1 pcs Red dates: 5 pcs Water: 1 liter Huiji Waist Tonic: 50ml Salt   Method Soak the mushrooms until soft. Then, add the chicken, mushrooms, red dates, white fungus and water into a pot. Bring it to boil for 1 hour. Before […]

Huiji Steamed Soup Dumplings

Ingredients Plain flour: 200g Water: 100ml Chicken soup: 200ml Huiji Waist Tonic: 1 tbsp Brown sugar: 1/2 tbsp Gelatin powder: 1 1/2 tsp Minced pork: 250g Prawns: 500g Chives: 50g Dried Chinese mushrooms: 1 pcs Oyster sauce: 1 tbsp Salt: 1/4 tsp Sesame oil: 1/2 tsp Corn flour: 1 tbsp   Methods To make the […]

Braised Garoupa & Onions with Huiji Waist Tonic

Ingredients Garoupa fillet with skin: 2pcs Purple onions: 2 pcs Grated garlic: 1 tsp Huiji Waist tonic: 5 tbsp Water: 120ml Sugar: 1 tbsp Light soy sauce: 1 tbsp Dark soy sauce: 1 tbsp Sesame oil: 1 tsp   Method Coat some salt and pepper onto the garoupa fillet. Sautee the fillet and onions until […]

Braised Whole Duck Legs with Huiji Waist Tonic

Ingredients Duck legs: 2 whole legs Eggs: 2 pcs Cinnamon stick: 1 pc Star anise: 1 pc Small peppercorns: 3 pcs Clove: 1 pc Ginger: 5 slices Garlic: 8 pcs Raw sugar: 2 tbsp Dark soya sauce: 3 tbsp Water Huiji Waist Tonic: 1 cup   Method Boil the egg and remove the shell. Set […]

Huiji Longan Goji Konnyaku Jelly

Ingredients Dried Longan: 30g Wolfberries: 10g Water: 580ml Konnyaku Jelly Powder: 6g Caster/brown sugar: 60g Huiji Waist Tonic: 2 tbsp   Method Mix the konnyaku jelly powder with sugar in a bowl. In a pot, bring the dried longans, wolfberries, and water to boil. Gradually add in the konnyaku jelly and sugar mixture. Stir until […]

Drunken Chicken Roll

Ingredients Chicken legs (deboned): 4-5 pcs Salt: 1 1/2 tsp Shao Xing wine: 1 tbsp Huiji Waist Tonic: 1 1/2 tbsp and 50ml (for the sauce) Dang gui: 3 pcs Sesame oil: 1 tsp Chicken powder: 1 tsp Corn flour: 1 tbsp Red date: 5 pcs Dried longan: 3 pcs Juice from the steamed chicken […]